The Future if #MeToo prevails

The Future if MeToo prevails- The abolition of sexual harassment

The Future if MeToo prevails- The abolition of sexual harassment

The Guardian, a reputable British newspaper that is in the forefront of support for the MeToo movement with several articles daily, has a column titled Dating after #MeToo-Our relationship expert Jean Hannah Edelstein is here to answer all your questions about romance in this post#MeToo world. Dating is different in the post-#MeToo era, and Jean Hannah Edelstein is here to help you navigate it in her pop-up advice column”, with questions such as: “I want to date my coworker but would it be harassment?”

In this column and others, albeit being passionately supportive of the movement, there is acknowledgment that nobody really knows what constitutes sexual harassment and that all of us need to learn from scratch what is apropriate and what not in this new era. This and other supporting articles advise us that what you consider “apropriate” one moment may actually prove to be “inapropriate” another, and that we should all be very very careful to always do the “apropriate” thing (the rules of which are mysterious, they do not exist in any document, are not the subject of any social concensus and everyone is in danger of falling foul of them, lose their jobs, reputations, go to jail, be social outcasts, never be employed again lest their employer becomes equaly blacklisted, bankrupt, castigated and destroyed) because we are in a new era where everything that was ok before may not be ok now and you can never know in advance. And exactly who has made these decisions on behalf of the whole of society? Years of progress have reduced shame about our sexuality and made society more permissive and free. Is a return to rabid puritanism what we want as a society or are we just all intimidated by the loudest, angriest voices?

What would happen if this is indeed the case, if our human society is from now on fully governed by the unspecified principles of the MeToo movement?

Well, from what we know so far, sexual harassment is as bad or worse than rape, there is no statute of limitations (people can be attacked and lose their jobs, careers and reputations decades after any alleged incident), there is no burden of proof, alegations are enough, MeToo working on the principle that if there is smoke, there must be fire, a man and a woman working together in the office behind closed doors is inapropriate, they need to be chaperoned, male only events should be forbidden, masculinity is toxic and should be moderated, it is inapropriate to make comments about any difference between men and women such as “women are more emotional” (although any doctor will attest to the menstrual cycle and the hormonal mood swings it provokes. In addition, we know for a fact that attempting to kiss a woman with or without her consent is harassment (because women, brainwashed by the oppressive patriarchal society are forced emotionally to please men and yes under no circumstances means yes), touching a knee, a shoulder is groping, asking a woman out repeatedly is harassment and nobody should ever date somebody that has more power than them in any situation. Furthermore, if alcohol or drugs are voluntarily ingested then any sexual act is rape and consensual sex is rape if the woman didn’t like the experience after all.

Based on the few examples above, all subjects of recent persecutions, articles and angry campaigns, the future would be very likely looking like this:

  1. Every romantic novel, movie or play would be inapropriate. Already provocative paintings are removed from exhibitions, galleries and museums. Book burning next?

  2. Every reference to any difference between the sexes, including the physical, would be inapropriate.

  3. Schools of “apropriate” behavior, lawyers and propriety counselors will boost the economy.

  4. Any date where alcohol or any drug is consumed would be inapropriate.

  5. Any movie or play would have to present roles and characters at the correct ratio of women, men, black women, Asian women, Latino women, lesbian women, gender confused or indifferent men and women, bisexuals, women from rich and poor backgrounds etc. All the positions of power in the story would have to be comprised of women, transexuals, gender indifferent people, bisexuals or multisexuals. They would all have to be paid exactly the same to avoid discrimination.

  6. Men should never pursue a woman and try to “conquer her”, they should politely suggest dating and give up at any hesitation in case they harass the woman by insisting and thus manipulate her patriarchal obligation to please.

  7. Any romantic date should be chaperoned by witnesses, and private investigators should be hired to document the date and notarize their reports with signatures of both man and woman to prevent allegations 30-40 years in the future.

  8. A pre-date agreement by a lawyer would be widely requested (same as a pre-nupt) to avoid litigation in the future.

  9. Men would never dare to offer a women a compliment about her looks (that would be objectifying her).

  10. Men would never spontaneously touch or kiss a woman lest they harass her and would require a signed afirmation of acceptance of intent.

  11. References to posession would be punishable by law (such as “you are mine”, “you are my woman” etc.)

  12. Men will never ever look at women with sexual desire because this would be harassment and objectification.

  13. Men would exhibit only moderate, non toxic, apropriate masculinity.

  14. The majority of the population will be non gender identified to avoid risk.

  15. Sexual harassment would be fully abolished together with courtship and flirting.

  16. Lesbian women will rule the world substituting the patriarchal society with the new, apropriate matriarchal society.

  17. The MeToo movement will eventually be comprised mostly by men that would be attacking anyone not publicly a member of the movement in order to avoid being ostracised themselves.

  18. New technologies of virtual sex will aleviate the backlog in courts briefly but they will soon be sensored for objectification so illegal, underground technologies will emerge.

  19. Men and women will no longer share the same spaces in order to not endanger their liability insurance for sexual harassment.

  20. Sexuality will be outlawed as an abusive, intrusive practice since cloning and in vitro fertilization technologies will take over reproduction.

  21. The art of the future will be in the creativity of victimhood, succesful victims that convince audiences that they have no choice and no power over anything that happens to them will be the new societal idols, adored by billions worldwide.

  22. No woman will feel desired ever again, thus no woman will have to suffer the indignity of being viewed as a sexual object.

  23. We will all be safe in our victimhood and enjoying our safe, apropriate, asexual lives.

  24. The enraged victims will rule the world and dictate our morality.

What a brave new world we are creating!

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  1. The solution to thw MeToo movement is to communicate and establish boundaries like an adult.

    You just wrote 1000 words about how hard it is to not sexually assault people. I’m concerned for the people in your life.

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