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Ayahuasca Experience Unlocked – How One Center Is Changing The Game

What if I told you that you could have a full blown Ayahuasca experience without ever drinking the vile-tasting brew?

This article explores the groundbreaking new discoveries being made with the Ayahuasca experience. Learn about the latest psychological and energetic developments being made as the path towards Ayahuasca without Ayahuasca unfolds!

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What is homo delectus?

WHAT IS HOMO DELECTUS, WHAT DOES IT MEAN, WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? WHY IS THE HEADER OF THE CHOICE OS SITE “THE PATH TO HOMO DELECTUS”? LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE, THERE IS HISTORY AND A STORY: I first heard the term “Homo Luminous” from Dr. Alberto Villoldo, anthropologist, writer and arguably the father of New Age neoshamanism (who I believe most probably also coined the term), while studying in his Four Winds Light Body School. In his book “The Four …

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What is Choice OS?

Choice OS is the first Open Source, fully customizable Operating System for human beings. It is completely free, not only in monetary terms, but also free of any obligation, any duty, any requirement, any sacrifice, any offering to anybody but one’s self. Since human beings are controlled by their conscious or unconscious beliefs, it is a system of beliefs. A free, Open Source, evolving and customizable set of beliefs. A customizable template for a personal belief system allowing easy and …