How to install Choice OS

The path to Homo Delectus, a human being of choice, is a simple, intuitive clear cut albeit controversial step by step process.

Step 1: Identifying our paradoxes, our internal conflicts and contradictions- explored in UNIVERSAL PARADOXES

Step 2: Finding the source and reason of existence of our paradoxical belief systems and loving it! – explored in WHY DO UNIVERSAL PARADOXES EXIST?

Step 3: Finding out what we can do about it:

The main kernel instructions are our steering wheel, the direction towards which we wish to steer our belief systems. Symbolism is our gas pedal, the control of our body as our engine to move us along our chosen path.

Step 4: Choosing our Destination: Well, we have already decided this, since we have chosen Happiness, but we can explore deeper and expand on this for better understanding.

Step 5: Creating our own, personal belief system, each our own, unique custom made religion and proselytizing ourselves to it. Why does this serves us more than the belief systems transmitted by our families and our society?

Step 6: Understanding the main Kernel- explored in MAIN KERNEL OF CHOICE OS

Step 7: Downloading and installing Choice OS:


Computers can download a new operating system through the internet or a storage device and be operational with the fresh instructions within a few hours at most, because computers only have a subconscious mind and no conscious mind (so far). Remember, the conscious mind is the volitional mind, the place where choices are made and computers do not make choices, they obey predetermined choices and instructions. Whatever choices they make depend on a direct correlation with their engraved instructions.

The software programmers, with full access to the memory banks of the computer, act as the conscious brain that dictates the operating system. Thus, there is no conflict between the conscious and the sub conscious mind, no paradox, no conflict, no contradiction. When there is a paradox in the code, it is called a bug and it is rectified as soon as it is discovered, at the first sign of electronic “distress”.

But we human beings have both conscious and unconscious brains, our conscious brains deciding and our subconscious brains, our bodies and our habits decide whether a new instruction is strong or important enough to override a previous one or not, depending on the persistence, the perseverance and the intensity of our conscious minds to transmit and impose the fresh instructions. We do not trust ourselves, our bodies, our subconscious, and our subconscious does not trust us. Why? Because we have betrayed ourselves so many times in so many ways! Why? Because it is impossible not to if we live in constant internal conflict.

What does it mean I hate myself? Who hates who, and what kind of whacky, idiotic decision is this? Yet you have often heard it from others and it is very likely that you have said it or felt it yourselves. This internal conflict and mistrust makes it impossible (at the moment and with our current level of understanding and technology) to mass download a new set of instructions, because same as computers learn the words or the websites and info we habitually use and present them to us as defaults just by typing in the first or second characters, our subconscious reacts in the habitual way that we have engraved on it. It is as if the computer, after having many downloads of damaging pieces of code, viruses, bugs and irrelevant software by the programmer’s teenage son denies download of any replacement instruction that is seriously conflicting with the current OS to the administrator, the programmer, until he can confirm enough consecutive times and can prove that he really means the change this time because of his perseverance. Our subconscious, a learning computer, in order to protect us from installations that are damaging, impulsive, unmeant and fickle, demands for each new, more than 80% contradictory belief compared to the reigning one, conscious manual input again and again with a captcha test each time (a program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, where you need to manually type in a distorted set of digits) to make sure that the new instruction is desired by the conscious brain as a free, serious and important choice rather than a paradox driven impulse with no real determination or intention.

The main kernel instructions are our steering wheel, the direction towards which we wish to steer our belief systems. Symbolism is our gas pedal, the control of our body as our engine to move us along our chosen path. To proceed, we must first explore how our conscious and subconscious brains function and their respective capabilities:

With this understanding, we now need to explore a methodology that can help us work together with our subconscious, in effect our bodies, in order to be able to communicate clearly with it, understanding its limitations but also its amazing capabilities, united for a common purpose instead of being in endless conflict and at cross purposes. So let us now examine the methodology that needs to be used so that the installation is correct and effective:

The site will be continuously updated with new information, more methods to implement Choice OS, newer versions of the software and informative articles. It is meant to be continuously evolving, hopefully with the help of all those who choose to research and implement it like any truly Open Source Operating System, growing exponentially through the contribution of those who use it, expand and enrich it through the forum.

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