What is Choice OS?

Choice OS is the first Open Source, fully customizable Operating System for human beings. It is completely free, not only in monetary terms, but also free of any obligation, any duty, any requirement, any sacrifice, any offering to anybody but one’s self.

Since human beings are controlled by their conscious or unconscious beliefs, it is a system of beliefs. A free, Open Source, evolving and customizable set of beliefs. A customizable template for a personal belief system allowing easy and unlimited personalization so that each and every human being can have full control over their individual belief systems and at the same time benefit from the testing, development, additions, bug solving and experiences of other users.

It belongs to nobody and is controlled by nobody. The research team that developed intends only to freely distribute it, provide help and advice to users, to help evolve, refine it and expand it, openly inviting users to participate in its evolution and create better and better versions of it for the use and benefit of any human being wishing to use it.

Our belief systems define everything we feel and think, comprised of various interacting sections that can often contradict each other; religious, social, political, economic, cultural, spiritual, experiential and other distinct parts of the totality of beliefs of a human being are often at odds with each other but somehow manage to coexist. Our business behavior might be totally incongruent with our religious beliefs; being a devout Christian going to church regularly does not mean that you will turn the other cheek, or that you will give away one cloak if you have two, for example. The contradictions do not restrict themselves to different parts of the belief system; they extend to within the parts themselves and even simple bits of belief. Furthermore, we face contradictions within ourselves, between our minds and our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions, between one phrase and the next, between one thought, one sensation, one feeling, one emotion and the next.

Our anger and disappointment at ourselves, our internal conflicts, our struggle against many of the automatic reactions and sensations from our physical bodies, our uncontrollable emotions, the uninvited thoughts that pop into our minds, often torturing us and allowing no peace, the struggle against our egos and self-destructiveness are merely conflicts between two parts that are equally us: Our Conscious and Subconscious brains. We are constantly fighting against ourselves!

Our belief systems keep us in constant and multi-faceted paradox, allowing only brief instances of alignment and thus happiness. We live lives of continuous internal contradictions, paradoxical lives. Often we self-destruct and engage in behaviors that, despite knowing that are harmful to us, and despite our resolve to avoid them, we are incapable to avoid. This happens to every single human being in the world because our collective and universal belief systems are paradoxical; we are doomed to constant internal contradiction and distress because paradoxes are built in to whatever we learn from day one of our lives, regardless of the country we live in, the culture and religion of our social environment, the family that raises us or the era we live in. Every single human civilization that has ever existed since the moment Homo sapiens started evolving out of the hunter gatherer stage and started forming larger social groups. From the very roots of the creation of human civilization. So, it is NOT your fault. Your shame and guilt, your anger against others, your self-denigration, your propensity to be a victim, your anguish, your lack of self-worth, your judgmentalism, your pettiness and your self-destructiveness ARE NOT YOUR FAULT! They are built in, not by nature or the divine, but by human civilization, your parents, your teachers, your friends, everybody you associate with and the media.

All of the above are unknowingly purveyors of universal paradoxes, passing them down because they honestly believe in them, are incapable to see them and are fully controlled by them since they were passed on to them since birth, same as with you and me and everyone we know.

The how and why are explored in the submenus of this page as well as the most universal and pervasive of paradoxes that we share as humans.

Choice OS is designed from scratch to be a completely paradox free belief system, and to gradually counteract existing paradoxes the more it is engraved firmly in our subconscious minds. We say gradually, because it takes time for a belief to be changed, because beliefs reside both in the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and like with old habits, our bodies resist changing them, each one taking months to fade so a different one can be fully engraved until it becomes as automatic and natural as the old one. Choice OS is different from computer operating system only in the fact that we have no way to mass download instructions; each one needs to be typed in laboriously again and again until our subconscious gets it. Same as with habits, extreme effort is required: boxers tie one hand behind their back and train for months in order to become ambidextrous, if you want to stop biting your nails the best way is to paint your nails with something bitter such as quinine, if you want to stop slouching you may need to put books on your head and walk with them! You basically have to force your body to accept a new choice, a new instruction, a new belief about what is good for you.

Choice OS is designed to give us FULL CHOICE about anything that is us, and to provide a tested template upon which you can build your own, individual self, same as customizable templates for letters, designs for architecture, website design etc. in computer software. The core template, the main kernel is designed for Happiness. Why would you want anything else, since everything we desire is in order to be happy? As the great philosopher Aristotle said 2,300 years ago, HAPPINESS is the only possible purpose of life, since it is the only goal that is an end by itself. Choice OS is an operating system designed for the only worthy choice: Happiness.

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