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Ayahuasca Experience Unlocked – How One Center Is Changing The Game

The Ayahuasca Experience –
A Door to the Underworld…

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What if I told you that you could have a full blown Ayahuasca experience without ever drinking the vile-tasting brew?

For those who don't know, Ayahuasca is a psychotropic potion brewed from native plants of South America. There are many types depending on the local flora but the traditional Ayahuasca recipe is simple. You take a vine containing harmaline (Banisteriopsis Caapi), allowing DMT to be absorbed in the stomach. Add a plant containing DMT (Chakruna) then boil them down into a sickening liquid. Do your best not to vomit it back up immediately. It is truly horrible.

The negative side effects are very well documented. A quick google search for Ayahuasca effects tells a scary story. You can expect horrific visions of hell, being torn to pieces or monsters. Powerful fear and paranoia, the feeling of losing your mind and even feeling that you are dying. On top of that you can expect intense physical symptoms. From vomiting and diarrhea to elevated heart rate and blood pressure, cramping, involuntary movements and loss of motor control completely.

Why the hell would anyone do this to themselves? There must be some reward worth all of this risk, right?


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The Ayahuasca Experience - A Path to the Heavens...

In contrast to these tales of horror are numerous cases of Ayahuasca healings that border on the miraculous. People report that life-long mental issues such as depression (which the team at TierraMitica have some revolutionary ideas about) are lifted in a matter of hours. They discover exactly what they need to see about their lives to heal their relationships. Others report that they have a new sense of spirituality. A closeness to life and a love for themselves and the people around them. Curing serious addictions is not only reported but also researched and proven by many research and medical facilities. In extreme cases people claim healing from serious physical ailments such as cancer, but in many cases a wide variety of conditions are alleviated or disappear completely. Nothing short of complete life transformation.

So the roll of the dice seems to be worth it for many people. But what about those with heart conditions or who are hesitant to venture into a psychedelic kaleidoscope to find the answers they need? What if you are on medications that don't mix with Ayahuasca? What if you do not wish to travel to a country where it is legal every time you wish to experience her gifts and do not wish to break the law?

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Is it possible to extract the magic of the Ayahuasca?

The question came to me. What if I could extract the powerful healing and spiritual potential of the Ayahuasca experience? Maybe without having to expose myself to the risks? Is it possible? It thrilled me to discover that I was not the only person wondering about this. Thankfully, the answer is yes, it is possible!

Last year I found a center where the research team have been exploring this possibility for the last six years. Working at first with the brew itself and finding new ways to induce the experience using a combination of traditional shamanic methods such as Icaros (ceremonial songs), psychological processes and the latest scientific research on our belief systems and their defining, staggering effects on our lives.
TierraMitica is located in the high jungle of Peru, close to the indigenous people that have worked for generations with the potion. The research team have offered and researched Ayahuasca for years and through exhaustive experimentation have phased out its use over time. They are now offering the world's first transformational workshops that promise the benefits of Ayahuasca healings and the full Ayahuasca experience without actually drinking the psychotropic brew with its risky and unpleasant side effects.
They are not protective over the methods they use. The classic quote "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." fits here very nicely. In reality, the Ayahuasca is not a magical drink that automatically heals people. It is a tool that helps us see what is already inside us, giving us a window into our subconscious mind. Read on to discover their recipe below or for a more comprehensive explanation, head over to their website here.

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The (Not So) Secret Recipe

Usually, the subconscious is shielded from view by years worth of psychological barriers. Ayahuasca is very proficient at smashing them to pieces. Finally it is possible to achieve the same effect with an intense experience that does not involve the brew. The subconscious is a place where we keep all the things we aren't willing or able to look at very closely, often painful memories and traumatic experiences. It takes a special process to unlock the door.
First, as under the Ayahuasca, we need to create a sense of disconnection from the usual reference points that allow us to automatically avoid the intensity of our subconscious world. The main tool to achieve this is the unavoidable confrontation of a deeply held internal paradox. These contradictory beliefs infest every human's fundamental operating systems and the skillful exposure and focus on these beliefs creates an overpowering cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is an especially uncomfortable experience and the power of it's effects are hard to believe until you see them.
The second ingredient is an elevated sense of emotional intensity. So the guides use theatrical techniques, ceremonial chanting, emotionally charged language and a number of other methods to heighten the emotional experience. Usually by this point, the participant is experiencing the bodily effects of the Ayahuasca and beginning to feel the onset of the psychedelic mental state that occurs before visions.
Thirdly, an acute sense of time distortion is introduced. By invoking questions and memories from the past, present and future, in conjunction with the ceremonial elements of the experience, it is possible to achieve the similar effects of unlocking memories and experiencing possible futures commonly found while drinking Ayahuasca. By this stage it is very common for people to experience visual hallucinations and visions.

A portrait of the community members of Tierra Mitica.

It's true! An Ayahuasca experience without the brew IS possible!

The internal world becomes expressed as a physically felt reality for the participant. In this state they must resolve their internal contradiction and solve problems permanently. I have witnessed many of these ceremonies and even as a witness I have been drawn into the power of it. I have witnessed a man transforming into a woman and experiencing a female orgasm. I have seen a rigid, closed man crack his heart open to his wife fully for the first time.
These are the kinds of Ayahuasca healings I have always known were possible. Permanent change without all the vomiting, distress and recovery time. Even better, the research team at TierraMitica are constantly researching and improving these techniques. I am happy to say that I have relocated here to Peru with my wife to become a part of the team and bring this incredible work to the world.
This is a new frontier of psychology and psychedelic research. Therefore, the workshops go deeper and deeper as the brew's need for huge preparation and recovery time is removed from the equation. We still respect and invite the Ayahuasca into our work and feel a deep connection to her wisdom. The truth is, she is in all of us. We have just found a way to bring her out, to embody her, to make her a part of us.

Written by Andy, now part of the team at TierraMitica
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