The home of the first ever free, open source Operating System for humans, Choice OS. An OS of free Choice for Happiness, Pride, Inspiration, Direction. A place to download, a Forum to discuss results, experiences, get help and collaborate in the evolution of a belief system chosen consciously and freely rather than imprinted by our parents and society since birth.


Humanity always recognized the power that beliefs hold over our thoughts, feelings and actions, using this power consciously since the beginning of our civilization. Propaganda, advertising, religions, nationalism, indoctrination, conversion, proselytization, placebos, nocebos (negative placebos as in voodoo, bad spells and other black magic practices), bluffing, demagoguery and many other practices have been employed to influence the thoughts, feelings and actions of individuals, crowds and even entire populations for reasons of healing, political control, culture control, morality, consumption, war, oppression, subterfuge, show business, subjugation and human relations and perceptions in general. Everybody has experience of this, for example how a belief that something is possible actually makes it happen, and a belief that something is impossible acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Henry Ford used to say “If you think you can, and if you think you cannot, you are right!” because of course if you think you can you will keep trying and if you think you cannot you will never try. Why would you attempt something doomed to fail? We have all seen and been moved by movies about sport or war where changes in beliefs turn the losers into winners and vice versa.

Nowadays the power of beliefs is recognized as not only as an important influence on our perceptions, emotions, sensations and thoughts but increasingly as THE defining factor. Scientists over the world go as far as to declare that not only beliefs change our bodies, but they may even be changing our DNA, with distinguished anthropologists and biologists such as Bruce Lipton (author of the book “The Biology of Beliefs” and many more) attributing any and every biological function, absolutely everything that happens to us to beliefs.

More and more scientists are exploring different veins of research on how our belief systems are our operating systems, how they form the instructions that filter and define everything that we perceive from without and from within, same as a computer’s operating system defines how a machine shall behave under various circumstances.

Our operating systems, our sets of beliefs define us, and although we install a relatively small part of them through life experiences and choices, the majority of our beliefs are installed in our early years by adopting beliefs of our parents, our cultural and political environment, the media and our national, ethnic and religious collective beliefs. We have very little control over who we are, that is to a large extent predetermined at birth, depending on whether we were born by Muslim lower class parents in Nigeria or art professors in San Francisco and during which historical period of time. The majority of operating systems for computers have been proprietary, created by small groups of people that own them and decide unilaterally what will be in them, how much customization is permitted to occur and how they will evolve with each version, like Windows OS or Mac OS to name the most prominent. Human belief systems are all proprietary, each allowing a certain degree of individualism and thus customization, but always ultimately controlled by small groups of people who determine their evolution and adaptation to new conditions. Prime examples are not only mass religions such as Catholicism that will embrace small deviations in doctrine to some extent through sects but will resist major ones to the point of major schisms, tweaking and adapting the evolution of the religion according to the Pope in charge, but also all other religions, communism, capitalism, justice systems, spirituality, scientific beliefs, cultural morality, rules of conduct etc.

But in computers there are also non proprietary operating systems, called Open Source Operating systems such as Linux, a free open source operating system created and released by Linus Torvalds in 1991. And they have proved themselves to offer huge advantages over even the best proprietary systems. Today there are hundreds of customized versions based on Linux, for thousands of different applications and devices, used by billions of people either knowingly or unknowingly. Linux was based on Unix, a proprietary system that one had to pay for and use under licence, and although Microsoft Windows is the operating system used by the vast majority of PC’s on the planet, Linux based operating systems run the majority of servers and mainframes but have also become the most widely used OS on the planet through Android, the reigning mobile devices OS, a proprietary system owned by Google but open sourced to anyone who wants to customize and change it.

Open Source software has proved itself to evolve exponentially faster than proprietary systems because the whole world can experiment on it, find ways for it to serve more and more applications, refine it, debug it and share experiments and results with the whole of humanity. If a new version has less bugs, more flexibility, is more efficient, faster and uses less resources, everybody can share in the benefits and help optimize it further. On the website, the website that freely distributes Linux and supports the worldwide community that uses it, you will find the following statement:

“Linux is also distributed under an open source license. Open source follows the following key philosophies:

The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.

The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.

The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.

The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

The above are crucial to understanding the community that comes together to create the Linux platform. It is, without a doubt, an operating system that is “by the people, for the people”. These philosophies are also one of the main reasons a large percentage of people use Linux. It’s about freedom and freedom of choice.


The freedom to run the program, for the purpose of happiness.

The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.

The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.

The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

Isn’t it time to stop existing and experiencing life through sets of beliefs, operating systems that we do not consciously choose, instructions that define us and our life experience that often we do not even know we carry and acquire the full, free individual choice over who we are in collaboration with every other human being that chooses to do the same? If so, let us make it happen together as humanity. Let us be free of any part of our code that does not serve us. Let us be our own software engineers.


The great Philosopher Aristotle stated, 2300 years ago that the only possible purpose of life is Happiness, because it is the only goal that is an end by itself. Everything else we strive for, love, riches, recognition, achievement, safety, relationship we want because we believe it will make us happy. Happiness serves no other purpose except itself.

However, all belief systems of humanity have other purposes, such as serving others, duty, honor, atonement, tests, ascension, humility, power, adherence to moral or other laws, salvation of the soul (although nobody defines what a soul actually is), obedience, devotion and offerings to some higher being, sacrifice, cleansing of bad Karma, punishment for previous sins, extermination of the Ego, duty, experience, evolution, sacrifice, discipline, just and equal distribution of wealth etc. etc…..

Why not have an OS that serves the root and reason for everything else- Happiness? And what about one that belongs to no one, is controlled by no one besides the user, evolves rapidly, safely and efficiently through the contribution of the whole of human experience, testing, ingenuity and capabilities, an operating system for a civilization in the future that is not enslaved to religion, politics, genetics or culture and is totally free of buildings, gurus, spiritual or political leaders, free of priests, bureaucrats, free of division, guilt, shame, judgment, free of any kind of belief wars and persecution, free of fear, anxiety, feelings of foreboding, free of everything?

This site is for every human being, but it is mostly for those who:

Want to be happy- and choose to do something about it.

Want to be free to choose what they will believe and how they will live.

Want to be in conscious control of what their bodies do, their thoughts, emotions and senses.

Want to make sense of the world and what is happening inside them and inside other people.

Want inspiration, enthusiasm for life and an open heart.

Want to play a part in their evolution and maybe humanity’s as a whole.



An operating system in computers and machines is there to perform various essential automatic functions, same as our belief systems and the habits engraved on our bodies. All the work behind the first Open Source operating system for human beings is connected through two pieces of universally accepted knowledge, the first is the damage that depression and other mental issues cause on our health and general wellbeing, exemplified by the World Health Organization´s warning that depression will overcome heart disease as the number one killer in the developed world by 2025, as well as the number one health cost to the economy, calling it the “silent epidemic”. The WHO openly admits that they have no definitive clue about why, despite the global rise in popularity and wide spread use of psychology, psychotherapy, depression medication and other kinds of healing, mental issues are spreading from country to country like wildfire becoming rapidly the single biggest threat to human health, wellbeing, productivity, wealth and social peace. Why if we spend so much effort, time and resources for our mental and emotional health it keeps getting worse?

The second one is the psychological phenomenon of cognitive dissonance, defined as the acute discomfort and distress experienced when humans try to hold two or more contradictory and mutually exclusive beliefs as true at the same time. Cognitive dissonance theory rests generally undisputed (there is nothing in human knowledge that is totally undisputed including whether the world truly exists; generally undisputed means that there is no serious alternative theory to explain human behavior in circumstances of internal contradiction) since its study by celebrated Social Psychologist Leon Festinger sixty years ago and taught in every psychology or psychiatry course.

Wikipedia and all other sources report: “In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to their beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values.

Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it.”

How many internal contradictions do we hold collectively as humans? We say “It is too good to be true”, so anything good cannot be true. We say “It is too simple to be true”, so we only seek complicated answers that nobody understands. All religions and spiritual teachings declare that nature and the divine have made us faulty and we need to repair the mistakes or suffer the consequences. We have to exterminate our egos which apparently exist by mistake, despite the fact that a sense of self and the instinct to serve one’s own needs  and protect one’s own life and wellbeing as the number one priority is intrinsic to the functionality of every living being. We need to be celibate or at the very least super guilty and ashamed of our sexuality, regardless of the fact that reproduction is essential for life and the instinct to pursue it and enjoy it essential for any life form. We are told “Make yourself proud, make your family proud, make your country or team proud” but be humble if you succeed because pride is a sin and humility the greatest virtue. The list is endless and astounding. Since cognitive dissonance, internal contradictions otherwise called paradoxes cause distress in all humans, is it not obvious that collective human paradoxes that makes us hate and be ashamed of our very nature and promote suffering, discipline, sacrifice and denial of all bodily needs and desires as the only way of ascension to a higher existence and the avoidance of eternal damnation and purgatory are enough to explain the depression epidemic with all its varieties?

If humanity is holding contradictory beliefs about almost everything and especially our own nature, the obvious conclusion is that depression and non-physical mental illness is caused by universal and collective cognitive dissonance on a global scale. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists form a huge industry in the developed world that tries to help people with the premise that the problem is childhood or other trauma and generally fail to heal the vast majority of their patients, providing temporary comfort instead.

Although all psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists know all about cognitive dissonance, they promptly ignore this proven and undisputed phenomenon and instead focus fully on alleviating trauma. But trauma is actually also due to cognitive dissonance: if my daddy and mommy love me, if people are good, how could they do this to me, how could they not know how much it hurts? They must be bad, or I must be bad or unworthy, maybe everybody is bad, yet I cannot believe this, they must not care for me yet I know that they do…Paradox!

So, to paraphrase Bill Clinton, it is about the paradox idiot!

If we can diagnose something accurately, our chances of solving the problem increase exponentially. The approach of seeking and comforting trauma has not only not solved the issues but is accentuating them: humanity´s mental balance and wellbeing is getting worse every year despite the majority of people in the developed world having visited a “shrink” at some point in their lives and the multitudes that have spent 10 years or more visiting one at least twice a week. According to WHO, there were 350 million people with depression in the world in 2012 and 24 million diagnosed schizophrenics, without counting all the other mental problems categories, a figure that is rising rapidly. These figures are even more impressive if you consider that most of the cases are interestingly in the developed world, the “rich” world, served by a huge multibillion dollar healing and therapy industry, which, including the depression drug industries and the alternative therapies industry is growing fast enough to overcome general education costs within a decade! The results: a meteoric rise in depressed people. Apparently, the more well off people are, the less war, violence, hunger and general survival issues a society faces, the less happy we become. Why? Because the source of the problem is not trauma but our internal conflicts, our paradoxes, cognitive dissonance and not trauma. Trauma is a symptom of the problem and not the reason for depression and most mental issues. It seems that in many cases we create trauma ourselves or blow things out of all proportions just to make sense of our suffering. Simply put, we are collectively barking up the wrong tree!

But there is more, much more. What is happening to all of us, is the internal conflict caused by cognitive dissonance, our paradoxes, our contradictory beliefs. But an obvious question arises: which parts of us are fighting with each other, which are the two or more sides coming to battle for dominance and control over our beings? Are we all split, are we all hopelessly bipolar?

Indeed we are: We constantly fight internally split into two or more contradictory parts. The part that wants our wellbeing and the part that is guilty and ashamed for it. How can constant universal paradoxes inside us not cause huge distress?

Choice OS is based on the simple principle of consciously and by choice installing an operating system free of contradiction, free of any paradox whether collective or individual. An operating system designed from scratch for happiness rather than guilt, shame and suffering.


Basically, by systematically installing and engraving Choice OS our automatic thoughts, emotions and reactions become conscious, self-programmable choices. We gain power over everything including our senses and our sensations, the physical functionality of our bodies, absolutely everything that we are.


Every human being receives a barrage of stimuli and information from the external and internal environments constantly through the sensory organs of our five main physical senses and other secondary sensors, such as gag sensors to protect us of dangerous foods, chronosensors to feel passage of time and many more. However, only a tiny percentage of all the stimuli ever reaches our conscious brain. Our subconscious brain filters out the vast majority of stimuli as unimportant and never permits them to reach our consciousness lest they inundate us with data and paralyze us. A significant part of the data that never enters our consciousness is discarded entirely and thrown into a junk file, and the rest provokes automatic, unconscious reactions and adjustments by myriad organs of the body, causing internal or external operations to be undertaken in a coordinated effort to counteract any undesirable change. The minute percentage of stimuli (no scientific data exists on how minute it is, but for example experiments on aural and visual stimuli indicate that we can consciously perceive no more than one or two streams of stimuli at the same time, missing thousands or even millions at times) that is allowed to disturb the conscious mind and demand its attention is the part that our subconscious authoritatively decides is either important enough or intense enough that the subconscious cannot handle them through instinct, habit, tested procedure or similarity to previously experienced situations.

In short, the stimuli that require our body’s contingency plan for when automatic reactions fail to resolve a problem; Conscious thought and subsequent choices.

But even this minute amount of important enough information to reach our consciousness does not reach us unprocessed. Far from it. The sensations, the stimuli, are amplified or lessened before they reach us by automatic filters of the subconscious that determine priorities same as a great executive secretary or assistant filters  every letter, email or request and decides based on her boss’s preferences, guidelines and reactions to similar input as well as the assistant’s experience, personal judgment and emotional and philosophical stance towards the issue the how, the when and with what energy the information will be transmitted.

In addition, information can also be totally distorted and misrepresented by the time it reaches the boss, the one making the decisions, in order to serve ulterior motives of the assistant; to serve personal goals, to avert extreme reactions or distress, to serve against habitual undesired reactions of the boss etc.

The subconscious mind works as a huge mechanism of automatic, predetermined actions and reactions based on regulations previously decided by the CEO of a conglomerate or the head of a government, for example. It employs executives, managers and secretaries to convey information to the boss while at the same time factories, organizations and departments operate and make millions of choices constantly in reaction to manageable problems that disrupt or affect the company or country.

The boss, the conscious mind, the one making important choices and the one who determines the procedures and reactions in the first place, then makes a choice, issues an order, changes the automatic process or adds an extra process. This does not necessarily mean that the mechanism will conform and obey as many reforming leaders have found to their peril and exasperation: saying “let us cut expenses”, “let us eliminate corruption”, “let us cut on overtime”, “let us reduce bureaucracy” etc. does not mean it will actually happens, and if it does, it will do so only for as long as conscious attention is monitoring the change. If the police cracks down on drugs, drugs may become scarce, more expensive and their use diminished for a while, but the moment the intensity of the crackdown fades the situation reverts to its previous equilibrium. The information about the reduction and the arrests, the success and compliance to the President’s choice to reduce drug use will reach the President, but the information about the subsequent increase in drug use, when the intensity and focus is once more lax may never reach him if he does not actively inquire and even then might be riddled with misinformation.

Exactly the same thing happens between our conscious brain, the boss, and our subconscious brain, everybody else. And it is all about beliefs; if a whole country fanatically believes what the leader believes, in cases such as wars or major national crises, the whole mechanism obeys and supports the choices of the leader. When I was a child, everybody would throw soda cans and garbage out of the window of the car to hedges and the side of the road, as happens still in many countries. Regulation is ineffective in thwarting littering, until the majority of the population firmly believes that it is a horrible thing either through fear of heinous fines or through social pressure bringing the greatest of punishments, social ostracism; in my country nowadays if you through a can out of a car everybody will honk and even pursue you to admonish you. Our beliefs form our rules of conduct and control automatic reactions of our bodies.

Choice OS, when properly installed, works as a conscious installation of filtering instructions that determine all automatic responses and actions of our body. It predetermines automatic thoughts and emotion, physical actions and reactions, prescribes specific filtering procedures to all stimuli and predetermines what will reach our consciousness.

The goal? Simply continuous, automatic happiness with open heart, power, health, ability, ingenuity, enthusiasm and inspiration as intermediate goals.


Well yes, and the research into and the creation and development of Choice OS was all about happiness. But when extraordinary bonus effects started appearing, the beyond any imagination desirability of the gifts was undoubted. Disbelief and mistrust were the first reactions, and it took a long time to understand what was happening and why it was happening. Because the bonus side effects were what one would call apparently “SUPERHUMAN” powers, straight out of fantasy movies and comic books.

The more we were engraving Choice OS and the code was transferring itself from the conscious mind to the subconscious, from the volitional brain to the habitual and the automatic, the more we were experiencing extraordinary physical and mental capabilities. The ability to easily and effortlessly perform tasks that were impossible before, find endurance levels that seemed unimaginable, accessing knowledge and skills that we did not even know we had, knowing other people’s thoughts and emotions, predicting what will happen to an unbelievable degree of accuracy were only a few of the unexpected side effects. Is it magic? Is it even real? Well, magic is only science yet to be explored. If you took an iPhone or even just a disposable lighter or a pair of readymade cheap reading glasses to any medieval king a few centuries ago they would declare you their Merlin and shower you with honors and any kind of future technology appears as magic today. The first experiments that led into the discovery of quantum physics left scientists scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Magic does exist, but it obeys physical laws like everything else, even if we do not yet know what particular law it obeys. But the laws that these particular bonus abilities and gifts obey are within our knowledge and science to understand right now:

Everybody has experienced this state where, for example you are driving or cycling down a twisty mountain, with cars and bikes coming the other way, deep in thought about something or in conversation and you end up in your destination with no conscious awareness of the trip; your subconscious has driven safely, observing all traffic rules, avoiding obstacles, passing cars, turning at the correct intersections, braking in the precise moment when it is needed and generally doing everything perfectly, efficiently and automatically with no need for thought. Same applies not only to sports, music, performing arts, cooking etc., but to any habitual action no matter how complex and irrespective of the conditions, where the absence of the conscious mind actually makes you perform much better than when your conscious mind is involved. It is sometimes called “being in the zone”, “flowing” and many other similar terms, and this phenomenon is familiar to all human beings.

This phenomenon is due to the differences between our conscious and subconscious or unconscious brains. So, Let us explore the differences between conscious and sub conscious (or all the categories that are not fully conscious). There are several ways to approach this, so let us start with functionality:

Functionality of the Conscious mind:

  1. Awareness of thoughts, sensations and emotions.
  2. Processing and evaluation of all such stimuli. Basically the secondary filtering of all perception.
  3. Decision making, directed action and reaction to stimuli and rationalization of actions.
  4. Direction of thoughts for the purposes of analysis, evaluation of actions and results and for second level interpretation of stimuli.
  5. Direction of visualizations, memory retention and recall.
  6. Planning and directed training and learning.
  7. Processing and perception of time related concepts, from the past or the future.

Functionality of the subconscious mind:

  1. Initial processing and reaction to stimuli, generation of internal stimuli and thus the actual source of all information to the conscious brain such as thoughts, sensations and emotions. Basically the primary filtering of all perception.
  2. Execution and regulation of 99% of any action and automatic supervision and activation of all automatic functionality of our physical body including the immune system, the adrenal system that provides the driving chemicals and everything else.
  3. Undirected visualizations and memory recall.

Functionality is what we choose to do or what we automatically or instinctively do, and capability is what we are able to choose to do or what we automatically or instinctively are capable of doing, so:

Capability of the Conscious mind:

  1. Choice, decision making.
  2. Abstract thought and perception, such as ideas, humor etc.
  3. Directed visualizations, thoughts, memory recollection, memory retention prioritization and short term memory.
  4. Perception of past and future events or probabilities.
  5. New, unprecedented thought and perception and volitional change.
  6. Processing of up to 40 bits of information per second and control of 1-5 events simultaneously.

Capability of the Subconscious mind:

  1. Habit, fully automatic reaction or behavior and habit formation as well as habitual interpretation of stimuli.
  2. Literal thought and perception.
  3. Absolute memory retention, infinitely long memory retention, undirected visualization, thoughts, emotions and memory recall.
  4. Timeless perception; past perceptions as well as future concerns are felt in the present. Everything is NOW.
  5. Filtering, perception and modification of all stimuli.
  6. Control of all human functionality.
  7. Processing of up to 20,000,000 bits of information per second and control of thousands of events simultaneously.

Having not only the control of what kind of information the conscious mind will receive to process as well as the control of 99% of our actions, but also being able to process and react up to half a million times faster, our subconscious mind is like the staff of a big corporation. The CEO, the conscious mind, decides upon the information given to them by their staff and relies upon their staff to actually execute their decisions, their choices and to not lie, distort or hide information. The staff of a company actually runs the company and any manager in disagreement with their staff is impotent, same as the head of a government is impotent if the ministers and the governmental staff and all public servants are uncooperative, providing tainted information and doing the opposite of what the “head” decides.

Now, since all disagreeable thoughts and feelings are due to paradoxes, contradictions in our beliefs, actions and perceptions, who is contradicting whom? Are we not one person?

Well, out of the labyrinthine web of beliefs that comprise our belief systems, we can only hold, process and evaluate a maximum of five in our conscious minds at the same time, and only for highly skilled multi-tasking minds. Since our conscious mind is the only mind that is capable of rationalization and choice, direct contradiction is impossible. The only paradoxes possible are between beliefs held in the subconscious contradicting a belief or perception that enters the conscious mind or between contradictory beliefs and perceptions within the subconscious mind. Contradictions between habitual, deeply engraved beliefs and chosen beliefs are the source of cognitive dissonance.

When there is conflict between managers, they can either be resolved through discussion, compromise and agreement or through domination of one, hierarchically superior authority, assuming all managers have the same goals.  However, when there is conflict between management and all of the employees with divergent or even totally opposed goals, if it is impossible to fire and change the workforce, then the staff will always win, sometimes even to the point of closing the company down. The same will happen if the head of a government has opposing goals than all the government employees. It is inevitable that the government and the country will be malfunctioning until the government falls.

But if you consider our internal government as humans, the head of the government or company would be our conscious mind and the subconscious mind would be everybody else. In this case, not only is it impossible for the CEO or President to fire anybody, but also it is impossible for the people to fire the manager or head of government. Our conscious and subconscious parts are stuck with each other for the duration of our lives, like it or not!

Since all the power is naturally held by the subconscious, the one performing all the automatic actions necessary for us to function, all that the management can do is be angry, disappointed, evidently mistrustful and not much else. For example, you may choose to sing or speak in front of an audience, but if your subconscious mind does not think it is a good idea it may leave you speechless, stuttering, unable to remember even what you were going to say or forgetting the song or even give you a headache or diarrhea in order to stop you and it will succeed! Regardless of how hard you try, your body will fill you with stress hormones and incapacitate you or maybe change your mind with an avalanche of conflicting beliefs, thoughts, fears, anxieties and sensations and there is very little you can do about it!

But our subconscious is not really in cross purposes with our conscious, choosing mind. It is just habitually obeying and automatically reacting accordingly to earlier instructions that created the habits in the first place. Since the subconscious cannot differentiate between the past, the present and the future, it thinks that the earlier perception is the current and provides the habitual response, because it only deals in the now. If, for example, someone tried to perform in public in the past and was ridiculed, therefore instructing their subconscious with the conscious at the moment choice “I will never expose myself this way again”, thus creating an instruction to the subconscious for an automatic, protective reaction, for the subconscious, unable of rationalization, that habitual, most deeply engraved response (being the earliest, commonest or loudest) is the default response, one it is incapable of changing since the subconscious does not actually make choices, it obeys choices already made in the past.

We do not find ourselves in conflict with our subconscious, we find ourselves in conflict with our previous choices, our previous selves. Our conscious minds want change, and our subconscious minds are comfortable only in the familiar, resisting change tooth and nail.

What would it be like if we could be in the zone at will, if we could delegate 99% of actions to our subconscious minds which processes much faster than our conscious minds (at least 500,000 times faster by the most conservative estimates) and reserve the conscious minds not for perception, fully trusting our subconscious to inform us when needed, but only for what it does best: Decision making- choice, ideas, inspiration, insight, exploring the new, the unknown rather than the familiar, the habitual?

Being in the “zone” is just fully trusting our subconscious minds to perform a task without needing to think and make decisions- just trusting. Every artist and performer knows this place where they “just do it” and training until all knowledge and skill is engraved on the subconscious mind is what they strive for, because they know that this is the place when they can surpass themselves. Because they are Supercharged over half a million times!

So, the next evolutionary step for our species, becoming capable of being the architects of our own software, is not only a happy, enlightened being, but also a being capable of unimaginable physical and mental feats, running at full efficiency by eliminating internal conflict and by trusting and exploiting the power of its subconscious, working with it in cooperation towards common goals instead of struggling against each other. By taking full advantage of the automatic capabilities of the subconscious, mankind can access abilities powerful beyond even the imagination of the most extravagant movie. Human beings in the zone at will!

    “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Aristotle