For those who feel inspired by what they read on this site and want to go deeper, we offer workshops in various locations around the world. The workshop is called the Choice OS Mythic Voyage and it is the way to take a direct leap, to feel and experience for yourself everything you have been reading on the website. The video below explains what our workshop actually delivers.

Registration for our upcoming workshops is possible under ‘Registration‘ on our website On the website you can also find  reviews and testimonials of people who have completed the workshop and also what their experiences are years after having done a workshop.
The Choice OS Mythic Voyage, for those who really want to make sense of the world and of themselves, is a game changer, because it is not only about understanding things with the mind, like on the website, but to feel intimately what it means for you, on all dimensions of your being, to confront all of your own paradoxes, patterns and toxic beliefs, some, if not most, that you don’t even know you have. It is an emotional and perceptual roller coaster and the greatest adventure ever.
If you have any question, whether it is about our work, about us, about the workshops or any other concern, please feel free to reach out:

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