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    In the mythic voyage i remember you teaching that your definition of hell is “being alone”. However after a social event i often feel like being alone and its a masculine bliss for me. so please explain why you think this is the best definition of hell, rather than simply saying its “suffering”.

    also, whats your opinion on paul ekmans work, and training tools?

    you talk about the 7 bodies and how philosophical and symbolic are the 2 ones we fully control… but things like body launguage and micro expressions express symbolically out of our control, and in the philosophical body, we only control this conciously, but the subconscious aspects seem to be out of our control. so please help me explain how this is so?

    thanks 😀

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    You can be alone in a place full of people, and you can have hundreds of social acquaintances and feel totally alone. I also like the masculine bliss of being by myself but knowing that people that I love and love me exist in my life makes the bliss possible, because it is my choice, rather than a lack of people who understand me. Micro expressions help you understand people through understanding the subconscious symbolism that they exude, and people like Paul Ekman ( he is not the only one) that can help you become proficient in noticing them do a good job, but training is no substitute for feeling, because through training you learn to recognize subconscious messages with your conscious mind, a slow and inefficient tool whereas you can process symbolism subconsciously half a million times faster and more efficiently.
    As for controlling our own transmissions, with consciousness and alignment we can have full or almost full control of what we transmit. |Regarding our philosophical, indeed it takes time to change our belief systems and engrave new ones on our subconscious, but this is exactly the work I have been doing successfully for years.

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    Hey Tyy,

    Due to the structure of the forum I think we should probably make the specific question the title of the post so there is a thread for each question that can be seen right away. Know what I mean?
    The title of this thread is “- Questions -” which is confusing.

    <3 Andrew

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    Agreed, great suggestion Andrew, now the the forum is young and the traffic is low, it is important to build it in a way that is usable for new people. We appreciate everybody’s input to make this forum a great tool of support. Thanks

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    Hello Mikis and TierrraMiticans 🙂
    I had a very interesting conversation with my brother just recently where he told me that he believes choice does not exist.

    His argument was made off this lecture by Sam Harris

    Though I think i know how this argument against choice existing isn’t true, i couldn’t explain my view of why/how choice exists in a way that a 5 year old can understand.

    So i was hoping that someone could!!! The idea that choice doesn’t exist is the idea that everyone is a victom, which doesn’t serve my happiness.

    xo Dani

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    Hi Mikis,
    What is clarity?

    Thank you! Lennard

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    Clarity is the intention to approach any issue or situation according to our number one priority, what serves our happiness. A question that is approached without this direction can never lead to clarity, only to opinion. To explain further, there is a simple set of questions that allows us to explore any issue with clarity:
    1. Does it matter?
    2. What is at stake here?
    3. Which answer serves my happiness, how, and does it even serve my happiness right now to deal with this?

    For example, I have a friend who was with this girl for 15 years. Throughout all these years he had been bitching about her, how she doesn’t clean the capuccino milk frother and the milk goes bad and green inside, how she doesn’t close the cap of the toothpaste and it drips on the counter, how she is frigid in bed and so on and so forth. Eventually she got fed up of never being good enough and left him, and he fell into despair and depression. When I asked him why he was not happy that he was free of her and all her annoying habits, he answered that he wanted her back, that he would buy an extra frother for her, standing toothpaste tube with a button, and she wasn’t that bad in bed after all. He found that all these petty issues were not worth losing her, and instantly found solutions for all!
    Same applies to issues such as “I want to go for chinese and she wants to go for Italian, I want red curtains and she wants lilac etc.
    Does it matter? Isn’t the priority to have fun and be in a good mood together? Can we not go for chinese another time?
    What’s at stake here? Some stupid irrelevant detail, or being close to the one we love and see their pleasure? Is it ego, rigid ideas, childish tantrums, power games etc. that is at stake or our love, happiness, wellbeing and the relationship itself?
    What serves my happiness, what is as it should be, and is it even as it should be to even care about this?

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