• August 8, 2017 at 1:25 pm #1415

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking for all the ways we are supporting ourselves to stay on track in a world filled with paradox and temptations to take the easy road and be lazy.

    I guess I’ll start…

    I only finished my Choice OS a month ago so I am still pretty fresh but in the last week I am finding that the automatic urge to do my pillars and stay in the flow is starting to fade a little. I’m not worried about it, it just means the honeymoon is over and I need to form good habits to reinforce the beautiful outcomes I want.

    So far I am trying to read the new book Mikis wrote, “The Path To Homo Delectus” every day. I am finding that reading the material is helping me to stay connected to the juicy stuff from the workshop. I think I will be rereading it for a long time until it is fully engraved. I am finding it to be WAY more engaging that rereading the pillars. I know I need to do that but the book is really well written, better than the pillar explanations so that helps.

    I’m also having LOTS of conversations with people about my experience at Tierra Mitica and getting other people around me excited. It’s giving me a great positive feedback loop to stay energised. I’m planting seeds in people around me at the same time so that they can get more interested about maybe doing the work also at a later date.

    I’m staying connected to my brothers and sisters from my workshop whenever I remember. We are great allies for each other. I really want to connect with more of you too. I think the center of gravity we all share can help hold us up, rather than the lower vibe I feel from the paradox world in general.

    Anyway that’s a few things I’m doing… what are you doing to help yourself?

    Love, Andrew.

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